Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hey Everybody....

Well, better late than never! I'm taping a Christmas special at the TBN studios in Nashville tonight - Nov. 13 2008. We're starting at 5PM central time and I'd really appreciate your prayers! Thanks.



eva said...

Can't wait to see/hear the program! Praying for continued blessings on your ministry, Wayne!!!

01volley said...

Hey Wayne thank you for all you have done with my church (Medowbrook). You were awesome and I will pray for you. I have a quick question that I never got to ask, How do/did you get over your nervousness while singing because I always get nervous.
PS: I will continue to pray for you and again thank you for sharing your story with my church!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wayne,
One of my favorite Christmas CD's is "Christmas Carols of the Young Messiah" that you participated in in 1995. I'm looking for an accompaniament track of the song you did on that CD - "Angel Medley" and have searched everywhere I know of online and cannot locate it. Is one available? and if so, could you help me locate it? I'd love to sing it at my church this Christmas.
Cathy Schneithorst

Anonymous said...

Miss your monthly deep insights on life's journey. They touch so many and mean so much.

Anonymous said...

Well, you told us about your divorce - when are you going to announce your marriage to Megan Thomas and introduce your fans to her?

Anonymous said...

(Amylisa...I can't get my account to work today for some reason.)

Well, your special is all done already but...I sure hope you sang "Child of Bethlehem"! I have always wanted to hear you sing that live! I have always wished I could sing this at church someday, but I can never seem to get through it without getting choked up. Lots of people have borrowed my accompaniment cassette of it though. You wouldn't believe how many people look for that track every Christmas. Mine is almost worn out now!

God bless you in all of your travels.