Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Brand New Day

This is the beginning. In the "news" section of, you see a welcome to the new site. I thought I would give you another look at all that's gone on.

I've been at this music thing for a while. To take the time to tell you how things have radically changed would take a while. When I started out in 1979, my first recording contract was small, the budget was small and we made "records". You remember records don't you? How about cassettes? OK, how about 8 track tapes? Yikes...what a technology that was, huh? I guess someone thought that the consumer was so stupid that we'd never notice the music stopping and the little click over to the next track.

Now the consumer is much more attuned to great sounds coming from their ipods. Technology has changed everything - from the way we listen to the way we record. You'd be amazed how most of the music you hear is made - and where!

All that to say, I had a choice. Rest on what "was" or ramp up and become a part of what "is" and more importantly "what will be".

These are exciting days. God is using art and music like never before. The platform is valuable and I take it very seriously. The Lord is using us all to shape and guard the hearts of His people. I hope the music you hear from me will soothe you, challenge and inspire you, comfort you, make you laugh (even at yourself) and help you see Him more clearly.

I'm so thankful that you're still listening....stay tuned!