Friday, September 19, 2008

North to Alaska

The picture at the top of the piece I wrote yesterday must have been confusing. The whole thing was about Hurricane Ike and there I was in the picture standing in a jacket and ski cap in front of a glacier! Some people must have been thinking “Hurricane, heck, it looks like another ice age!”

My website guys tell me to put pictures on the blog. “People love pictures!” So there you have it.

On August 9th, I hopped on the cruise ship Oosterdam in Seattle with some other artists and over two hundred folks from all over the country. We were a small part of the large crowd aboard the ship. I’ve done a few of these Christian Cruises in the past. This one was really appealing to me because the host/sponsors were the folks from the gigantic music festival, Spirit West Coast. I’ve known the head of Spirit West Coast, Jon Roberrson, for almost 25 years. He’s a veteran of Christian concert promotions and he invited me to go on this trip.

I played at Spirit West Coast (both festivals – one in San Diego and the other on the Monterrey Peninsula) in the summer of 2007. Jon and his staff were so kind to invite me to those events. Honestly, the festivals are filled with the strongest current artist rosters you can imagine. Everyone from Leland to Switchfoot. And me. I played these things years ago but not so much lately. But Jon appreciates heart and passion. I’m thankful to still have both for the work.

The other artists were Phil Joel, Bebo Norman (along with his long-time multi-talented sideman, Gabe Scott), Aaron Shust , Comedian - Bob Smiley and Matthew West.

(L to R) Me, Bebo Norman, Gabe Scott, Bob Smiley, Aaron Shust, Matthew West, Phil Joel.

It was a great lineup and I think the folks that came on the cruise were moved, inspired and entertained.

We took off from Seattle headed toward Alaska.

Beautiful, wild country. I think I saw Sarah Palin kill a moose one morning off in the distance.

We stopped at several ports – Juneau, Ketchikan, Sitka, and Victoria, BC. The most incredible time was the few hours spent in front of the Hubbard Glacier. These pictures are from the time near the Hubbard. When I heard that we were going to be spending the morning looking at a glacier, I was, well, less than enthusiastic. I figured it would be sort of like watching paint dry, grass grow or the ice machine in my fridge do its thing.


As we were still 10 or 15 miles away, I began to see this incredible work of nature come into view. Didn’t look like much at first but as we got closer, I was overwhelmed at the sight – at just the thought - of this monster wave of frozen tundra. I thought about the time it took to form, the years it took to move to its current position, the stuff caught in it, moving with it. You know, bugs, logs, fish, etc. And then, you see big slices shearing off into the sea and a few seconds later ( I’m not really up on the specific differences in the speed of light and the speed of sound. I just know they’re, uh, different.) earthquake-like rumbles that shook the entire boat. I spent most of the morning sitting bundled up on the deck staring at this thing and taking pictures.

The color was incredible. The ice picks up the blue tint of water and sky. Amazing.

I decided then and there that I would be less generous with the use of the word “awesome” from then on. A taco is not awesome, a touchdown pass isn’t either. This work of nature, the incredibly imaginative hand of God and the intricate work He performs is truly awesome. And what’s the purpose of this work of art? I mean what’s the point? We’re so driven to know “why” and “what is the reason for this or that?” I don’t know and surely don’t have to know. That’s His business.

All I know is . . . it was . . . awesome!

Wayne Watson


Jim said...

Thanks for the pictures - that is pretty awesome! What a Creator!

Tacos are good, though. ;)

Marla said...

Wayne, I'm not sure if this is an appropriate location to write to you, but I just wanted you to know this. I used to go to your concerts ever year for several years, when my husband and I were dating, and around the time we were married. We married in 1995. I know that is the year one of your sons graduated because of your song. I have 4 of your CD's. I have always loved your music, the fact that you write it, and that you play your own instruments while singing. It really moves me, and I haven't hear any other Christian music with the sincerity and meaning that yours has.

We now have 2 children ages 9 and 5, and I just decided the last couple of days that a good way to wake them up in the morning for school is with some good music. Well, I chose yours. And I didn't just put a CD in and play, I chose strategic songs, especially the energetic ones starting with "Almighty". I sometimes explain the song (like you do at your concerts) before playing it. I think they are really liking it, and I am hoping your words stick with them through their day like words in songs do that for me. After playing your music for several days, I wondered if you still do concerts. Sorry, being busy with kids the last 9 years, I just haven't kept up. I just visited your web site and found out that you do! And there is even one coming up in Dublin,OH (1 hour from me) soon! I would love to take my kids. Thank you so much for your faith, committment, example, and wonderful music!

Marla Edington
Prospect, OH

Anonymous said...

hi wayne.......Jesus came inside me like a body my perfect size. If you touch me youll probably get shocked............Just thinkin bout ya.......I went to maine from indianapolis and back, and I believe I listened to your, ?greatests hits tap, there to the back, almost, homefree on one side, and turn, when Gods people pray, the were close ---------bob hickman