Monday, November 5, 2007


Monday November 5, 2007

Well, I’m still in California. I see why people like it out here and I see why folks are so fit – you never want to be inside just sitting around! Even when it’s cloudy, like it’s been every morning, it’s still beautiful and comfortable outside.

We wrapped up the Luis Palau conference yesterday about noon and I am staying over until tomorrow.
The conference was a huge success and lots of new people were introduced to the inner workings of the ministry. Most of them plunged in with both feet to be partners with Luis and his team.

Their vision for reaching the world with the Gospel is extremely energetic and passionate. Luis is one fired-up guy! If you were ever near one of his “festivals” I would encourage you to bring your kids of all ages and spend some time there.

There are surfers in the chilly Pacific. They are there at 6 AM every single morning. Yes, it’s Monday. Do these people work?? They might be asking the same thing of me! Anyway, the surfers are fascinating to me. I really don’t get it so I don’t want to be too critical because maybe some of you do get it.
But really, they float for hours waiting for a wave, ride it for a few seconds, bale out and wait for another, ride that one, etc, etc. I’m sure I’m missing something and they would probably not get some stuff I like.

They might watch me hit a golf ball, track it down, hit it, track it down – well you get the idea.

Or they might watch me ride a motorcycle and say “Man, that’s really dangerous. Why do you do that?”

So live and let live.

It was odd to see them out there every morning. Yesterday, Sunday, I chuckled and thought “Boy, when I was a kid, you went to church on Sunday and if you didn’t go, you sure didn’t go out (although surfing wasn’t an option in northeast Louisiana) and let people know you weren’t in church!

I used to drive by a country club on the way to church in Houston. Every Sunday, there would be carts full of people out playing golf. I couldn’t help but think, “They should be in church”. Some thought patterns are just hard to break. Then, churches started having Saturday night services…man, Saturday night services have taken all the fun out of being judgmental! Maybe the surfers went to church on Saturday night – maybe the golfers went with them!!

Anyway, it sure takes the pressure off to expect and assume the best whatever the odds or whatever the real truth is. God loves people!

May He help me love them like He does.


P.S. I think I’m going to have a very good story to tell you tomorrow. Going somewhere pretty fun today in Hollywood


Anonymous said...

Hi Wayne,

Was happy to come across your new site, and excited to hear new music from you!

Just a word of gratitude ... Your "Home Free" and "A Beautiful Place" albums have always been among my top faves, and as cliche as it sounds, that music helped me through a lot of junk growing up. Wow, such memories now. I don't know how many times I've listened to "When God's People Pray" when I've really needed to hear something hopeful and true. Thanks for being part of my journey. (Although you had no idea!)

Your words and music have really been a blessing.

To much more!

Dallas, Texas

Anonymous said...

Love the new site! Harriet gave me the link in her monthly update. Glad to see things are going well. Are the new recordings going to be sold in other areas besides the online store? When are the release dates to the stores, if they will be in retail locations?

Hope your family is doing well. Enjoy the rest of your time in CA.

Melinda said...

Hi Wayne -

I'm so excited that you have a new CD out - tried to purchase on-line, though, and the site did not appear secured?!

I love your lyrics and can't wait to hear the new songs. The Fine Line CD is still one of my favorites!



Anonymous said...

Hi Wayne

I'm a longtime fan of yours, from the "Home Free" days onward, and was thrilled to find your blog, and that you've made a new record. Can't wait to hear it.

I've been fortunate enough to see you in concert 4 times, first time in 1992, last time in 2005. Your music has always inspired me, and each album has been "worn out" in heavy rotation in my CD player (now iPod!). "The Way Home" and 2000's "Wayne Watson" are my favorites albums. "Come Home" is simply a masterpiece, while "The Blood Of Jesus" and "Turning Into Dad" are perfect songs.

As a fan, I mourned with you from afar thru the rough times in your personal life around 2004-2005. I had followed Harriet's fansite thru the years, and greatly enjoyed SamCam! I have not heard any updates since on your sons and grandchildren. I pray all is well with them and you, and that being a Grandpa is still a great adventure for you! We'd love to hear more. I continue to pray for you all lots.

One more thing.....your recent story of your encounter with Josh McDowell at Spirit West flat out moved me to tears, of how Josh embraced you and prayed over you and simply loved on you. We so often seek to tear down our brothers when they hurt. Kudos to Josh for being real and authentic in supporting and encouraging you.

Take good care, Wayne! Please come back to the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area soon for a concert. I'm sure our mutual friend from WDAC, Mike Stike, would be glad to M.C.!

Lancaster, PA