Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm home today. In Houston. Where the spring just keeps on hanging around. It's uncharacteristic for April - heck, by now, we're usually in the 80s.

Things are good. Life is sweet, my health is probably better than it's been for years, living more simply than ever, free of some of the stuff of life that just exhausted me without me even knowing the cause. Grace and mercy show their faces every single day. After more than half a century on the planet, it occurs to me more often than ever that God is not mad at me. Feelings of unworthiness to not turn into morbid pity . . . just thanksgiving that "unworthy" makes it easier for me to see God.

Tonight I'm playing at a men's event here in town for a ministry called Waking the Passion. The organizers want me to tell some stories about the journey, the highs but certainly not avoiding the lows, play some songs,etc. And they specifically asked me to try and avoid "the lingo" - the hyper-spiritual language that we use sometimes to display our holiness in front of others to be praise and highly regarded by them. You know?

So that's the challenge for the gather my thoughts, pick out some relevant stories that might mean something to a bunch of guys (some of whom feel very uncomfortable in church). So for your prayers this day, I'm grateful.

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Cerise said...

I have absolutely enjoyed the cooler weather and the lower utility bills! I wish it could stay like this more often in Houston.

It is nice to feel so good about your position in life. I only practice Grace every single day with every single person I encounter. It is hard because of the imprefect "man" in me. I try not to get caught up in Mercy or Faith or Justice or any of that. Practising Grace like practising kindness. They are all that is required of me presently. I suppose when I perfect that I will be given another duty.

I am not sure how you could ever think that your father in heaven would ever be mad at you. You have touched the lives of so many in such positive ways. I have been to two of your concerts long ago in the 90's and felt the love of God thru your words of praise. You are a good reminder to all of us to keep loving and looking to him that created us and good things will happen.

Your new friend,

Cerise Arbour