Saturday, January 9, 2010

Elvis and the King

Elvis Presley would have been 75 years old on January 8, 2010.

We walked into one of our favorite Mexican restaurants last night and they were throwing him a party. There were buttons, t-shirts and a special menu for the occasion.  From the entrance, we heard what sounded like live music . . . it was . . . it was
. . . it WAS HIM!!!!

Well, just a tiny many dressed up as him - singing his songs.  I'm guessing it was a banner day for Elvis impersonators everywhere.  Jumpsuit rentals went through the roof!  Try finding a decent cape anywhere!

They were even serving twinkies for desert. Had to be some peanut butter in the place somewhere.

We ate our dinner and hurried to the car for a reality check. "Are you OK?"  "Yeah, Are You?"

It's unbelievable.  The King, reportedly, has sold even more albums, CDs or whatever since his death than before.  His movies are still popular with Blockbuster customers and on Netflix.  I never really got it but I can't ignore the phenomenon.  It's undeniable and it's fascinating.  This many people can't be wrong can they?

But, apparently, Elvis still hasn't reached that extra special plateau.  We'll know he's jumped to the next level when we start giving each other gifts on his birthday.  Right now, as far as I can tell, a loyal few million simply celebrate the day Elvis Arron was born with the playing of music and other mild twinky festivities.

So far, I'm not aware of parades or any species of greenery being amputated and set up in living rooms.  What would that have to do with Elvis anyway?  And by the way, I didn't receive a single Elvis card in the mail.  As a matter of fact, I didn't even see any Elvis greeting cards.  The Valentines are already out, but no Elvis.  Elvis ornaments are probably on the sale aisle - 50% off.

Somebody's really missing out here.  There are fortunes to be made . . . Uh . . . I mean, a life to be celebrated.  Sure, it would further commercialize E, but hey, he won't mind.  He's dead!  Or is he?  There are sightings all over the world and maybe he could go on living if you simply think of him every now and then.

But who would believe that?  He died and they buried him!  Hundreds visit his grave at Graceland every day.  Still people hang on - they want to believe.  Maybe we should all help out.  Print some Elvis tracks, pass them out and see what happens. You never know.  Soon more and more would begin to question what they've been told as truth and then, maybe, more and more would have the faith.


That would never happen.  Even if it did, why would we give each other presents on someone else's birthday?


Happy Birthday, King.

wayne watson

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Anonymous said...

Don't knock the cape until you've tried it ...maybe in this recession every performer needs an Elvis set in their act to boost interest in CDs. Tell the sang one or two Elvis songs in your lifetime and had fun!

( Sorry was just too easy not to rib ya!)Humma ,humma ,
Thank you...Thank you very much!)