Friday, January 8, 2010

Pretty, Floating God

Saw the blockbuster movie, Avatar, last night. Yes, during the BCS Championship Game. Yes, I had the DVR going so I could watch the game when I got home. But, like so many other games I've recorded with the intent of watching from start to finish, I folded and watched the last 5 minutes . . . just enough time to watch Texas almost win the thing and then see Alabama put it away without question.

I really have no connection to either team. I live in Texas. There! And an old friend, Mark Harris, is a big Tide fan, so I'm happy for him when they win. It seems to mean so much to him. When the Longhorns win, the Texas alums are insufferable around here, so, I guess all turned out as it should.

I was impressed with the Texas quarterback, Colt McCoy, in his post-game statement. (He was injured on the first offensive series and out for the rest of the game.) He's calm, and states "God is in Control...I'm standing on the Rock and He knows what's best." Great statement of Faith. The sports broadcaster talking head types said this game would be a critical moment in Colt's future . . . his performance would dictate his NFL prospects. I'm guessing Colt isn't too worried about it . . . or maybe he is . . . maybe he's just like all the rest of us that have been to the Cross. We have our good days of faith and our not so good days.

So, back to Avatar. The James Cameron movie is reported to have cost a half a billion dollars. And it looks like it!

But you can't miss the story line of the evil human beings, the oppressed, noble and inherently more spiritual natives of Pandora, and the deity worshiped by the citizens of the planet.

Why is it so much easier for Hollywood and so many others to embrace the fluffy, special effect deity than One that took on human flesh and walked among us? Maybe, in the eyes of the human bashers, the fact that Jesus lowered Himself to be a human, puts Him in rather bad company. Uh, I didn't need Hollywood to tell me that! Bad company indeed, Born in sin, bent toward sin, in great need of a Redeemer . . . that's me.

But on the movie screen, the floating, glowing, fragile representation of some god is supposed to be so fascinating and compelling. And I guess it could be. Unless you've tasted the real thing, unless your trust is in a God that has broken the barrier by sending His Only to the earth because He simply loves me and you. The story really doesn't make sense does it? And that's what's so fascinating about the real story of God's love for us miserable humans.

All I can say is Whew and Thank You!


Wayne Watson

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