Friday, January 18, 2008

Welcome Home Luke!

Well, you’ll have to indulge me today.

Luke went home to his brothers and his own room last night.

After they were discharged from Baptist Hospital in Nashville yesterday afternoon, they went straight to Vanderbilt Medical Center to have his little heart checked out.

There had been some concern early on that a few things might not be just right.

By the grace of God, answered prayers were obvious as the doctor came in and said something to the effect of “This is a boring scan to look at. Everything is right where it’s supposed to be and everything is perfect.” All of us are overwhelmed at God’s hand in this.

Why are we surprised? Well, I don’t know if “surprised” is the right word. Relieved. Grateful. Truth is, sometimes our prayers don’t get answered the way we want them to be answered. Father knows best.

Anyway, we’re thankful that Luke is ok.

So now there are three Watson boys in the house in Nashville. Here are some pics.

Thanks for your prayers.

Wayne and family

good night now.

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Elizabeth said...

Welcome home indeed! Thanks for the pictures. You got some handsome grandsons there! Please keep us posted on how everyone is doing!