Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Watercolor Pony Ranch Adds New Member!

I was awakened yesterday by a text message from my son, Neal, saying that Lindsay, his wife of 10 years, was all checked into the hospital in Nashville.

January 14th has been the date we've long expected Luke to show up. And so he did!

For a few months now, the doctors have been keeping an eye on Luke's heart. Early on, they detected a few problems. Hundreds of people began to pray. Oh, and one note - Neal and Lindsay weren't sold on the name "Luke" at first but as he was having this little bit of trouble and since "Luke" is a really good doctor name (check New Testament ...oh, about the third book in) they felt like the name was a good choice.

Yesterday, after they induced labor, they were keeping a close eye on his heart rate. As the morning drew to a close and the labor didn't progress as quickly as they all hoped, they performed a C section around 2 PM.

So now the suspense is over and Luke Britton Watson is walking the planet (ok, not yet, but watch out!). He is doing great. Maybe the elevated heart rate was just his excitement of meeting his family, seeing his big brothers, Sam and Gabe.

Wow. Three boys! Neal and Lindsay and all of us are so thankful and happy.

Just wanted to share this with you.

Watercolor Ponies have not only ridden away - they're working their own ranches!



Elizabeth said...

Congratulations! He looks just beautiful and I hope that his heart stays healthy.Your son and his wife are going to have a very busy household with three boys running around!
I work as a medical assistant for a pediatrician, and I just love it when the new babies come in to the office! It's so wonderful to have something so sweet and innocent come into our world; makes everything brighter!


Lady Harley said...

Congratulations Grandpa! :)

Glad to hear Luke & family are doing well!

Here is another good reason reason LUKE is a great choice for a name...


This is from our local Christian Radio Station... & it so happens that I went to school with Luke's Dad! (Though I haven't talked to him in over 20 years!)

Watercolor Pony Ranch, huh? Wow you better have that branded copyrighted & whatever else... because that's a terrific name for a home!!

Thanks for sharing this with us!

Have a FANTASTIC day, Becky!! :)

KJ said...

Congratulations, Grandpa Wayne, my new grandson was born in October, (my daughter's first), and it's far more earth shaking than anything I ever knew. That circle of life goes on and on and makes new families out of just two people - or in Lindsay and Neal's case four people - wonderful. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new addition to your family! I pray all is well.

Just wanted to let you know that I have dealt with Super Ventricular Tachycardia as well as Super Ventricular Disrythmia. I have to say, both can be hard to deal with. But I am very glad they were able to diagnose this very early.

While I was born with it, the problems didn't start showing up until I was late high school - early college. By then, it had gotten really, really bad. Eventually, I did have a procedure to correct it and I have been doing much better since. I pray that this little one will be healed very soon as well. :)

-John in St. Louis