Monday, August 23, 2010

Sandi and Friends

Last night in Anderson Indiana was tremendous.  A large crowd gathered early to get into Madison Park Church and the place was buzzing.

I have to say, it's fun to gather with other artists - in this case we were guests and friends of Sandi Patty.  Anderson was Sandi's home for years before moving to Oklahoma.  And Madison Park was her home church.

Larnelle Harris and Heather Payne (of Point of Grace) were on the bill for the night, too.

Larnelle can bring it like few others I've ever heard.  He's a dear friend, a gentlemen of the first order and really tells a story when he sings.  Almost every song had 'em standing to their feet.

I first met Heather Payne when Point of Grace was first forming.  I remember sitting at home one night, getting a call from my manager, who was helping them get started.  They were gathered at his house and he told them they couldn't leave until they came up with a name for the group.  In college, the girls had gone by "Say So" but that was taken.  They decided on "Point of Grace" and the rest, well, you know the rest.

Heather has just recorded her first solo project.  Can't wait to hear it.  The texture and purity of her vocals is stellar and she's just sweet on the platform.

Sandi continues to thrill her audiences.  I mean, it's really incredible!

As I looked around last night, it occurred to me that all of us have had our bumps.  Some more public than others, but the songs and the Truth therein always reach people whose ears are open.

I'm awed that God still lets me open my mouth and sing these songs.  I'm overwhelmed that I've done this for thirty years and have opportunities to continue by His mercy and grace.

Hope to come to your town soon!



FYI . . . you can still purchase CDs and such at lots of places online!  Here's one.


Anonymous said...

A consistent triple header with three greats of chritian music and Hather Paine too...a little glimpse of heaven and the glory of singing about the best subject of all. Not to mention the fact that ya'll are all cut-ups wtih sharp wit. I think it would have been fun to have a ticket with the fly on the wall. I know ya'll probably did some duets but with your great sounding voices I would have loved to hear something with everyone. NO kidding or flattering... you're still one of the great voices of Christian music 30 yrs. or however many. If you keep singing His message He's gonna use ya.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a concert it had been!I hope you will record another song with Sandi Patty and make it a real hit both in CCM and Secular music! Go and sing together! Mr Wayne,I am your fan. But i missed the time that you went here in the Philippines. When did you come here in our country? Did you make a concert? I missed it. I need to know, please reply. Will you come again in the future?

Keith Shields said...

"Grace keeps giving me things I don't deserve; mercy keeps withholding things I do."