Monday, May 10, 2010

The Bosque River Stage in Waco, Texas

We had a beautiful weekend in Waco TX.  I saw parts of this town I’d never seen and the campus of McClellan Community College is tremendous.. . a hill country setting full of spectacular old oaks and rolling grassy hills.

The Bosque River Stage is right on the river (duhh)  and the concert started at 8 PM on Saturday night.

We had a good turnout on this cool spring evening.  Whenever the temp dips below 70 in May . . . well, we’re all just fine with that.

I’m thankful to Dick Gimble and all the folks that made the evening run so smoothly. 

I still get this statement a lot, “We didn’t know you were still playing and singing.”

Well, as a matter of fact, “Yes.”

And I’m always overwhelmed at the people that come out for the evening and more thankful than I can say to still feel the fire to sing these songs and share the stories of God’s grace and mercy in my life.  

As a kid, I never had ambitions to make this a life’s work.  But these last thirty years have blown by . . . a few turns I never expected and a whole bunch of immeasurable good stuff that can only be described as real blessings.

I’m off to Columbus GA for a concert there on May 23.  The venue is Brookwood Baptist Church.  I’ll be with them Sunday morning and evening.  Check out  . . .

 Hope to see some of you on the road soon.


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