Monday, February 8, 2010

Hey Everyone....

My friend, Jeremy Good, who produced my last Christmas project with me and has played keys for me lots of times, has a new website that serves as a resource for Churches, worship teams, bands, etc.  The link is .

And TODAY you can get a free mp3 download of an arrangement for churches of my song "Glorify Your Name" from the "Living Room" album.

I hope you'll check it out!


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Anonymous said...

Wow...that's how I would have improved the recording on myspace and I liked that one. I just like hearing your voice and the acomp. and choir convey more strength and power.It builds everytime. Nice.


P.S.How about the saints? Growing up in Baton Rouge everyone always cheered for the Saints even though for decades they never won. It always made me laugh when the fans booed the ref's unmercifully for calls against the saints even when they clearly weren't good. That's loyalty. As a tranfered Texan I love my Texas teams but I join all my old friends from home with pride and best wishes for the team and say Who Dat?Not the ain'ts but the Saints. I liked how the quarterback gave glory to God and saying that he had been placed there by God to share this honor with his team.