Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Last Word?

Great responses to yesterdays post about Worship.

It’s a hot topic and I guess that’s good. But, wow, it’s emotional for a lot of you. I’ve gotten stories that range from peoples tremendous worship experiences to some who’ve been burned, cornered, verbally assaulted, hurt so much they’ve left the fellowship of church. All of us probably have heard stories of churches splitting over controversies concerning worship. So sad.

This forum is interesting and this web culture gives everyone a voice. But just because I’m writing something doesn’t mean it’s the final answer. I’m just sharing some of what I believe. I’m not able, and in some part unwilling, to expose all of my thoughts and beliefs on anything here in this very public vehicle.

I’m trying to refine an art in me that gets lost too easily . . . keeping my mouth shut and my opinions to myself.

The post I wrote about Andrew Jackson drew some interesting emails as well. Again, some readers conclude that I’ve poured out all of my opinions, all my conclusions and convictions about the subject of abuse of power in the presidency, the greatness of a particular official, the mistreatment of indigenous groups, or the taking of American lands. That’s simply not true. I know there’re many sides to a story. Does it make you feel better to embrace your side with no thought, no credence to the other? Me either. It makes me feel selfish and narrow. Lots of times, I feel strongly both ways! I trust in the power of the Spirit of God to guard my heart without letting me be overwhelmed or blindsided. He does it very well.

Truth is, my heart, on any number of subjects, gets tweaked everyday by the Spirit into, what I can only pray is His perspective. The older I get, the one prayer I pray most constantly is “Lord, help me get over this need to always be right.”

Someone mentioned, in a response to the worship subject that one of our problems is that we don’t want to be told what to do. That’s true in worship and in life. One of the obstacles all of us have to overcome when we read God’s Word is the objection to being told what to do. That’s what the Bible does . . . for our best . . . for our good. And because we’re flawed mortals, it’s tough to hear and sometimes tough to do.

So maybe the best move, this moment, is to breathe out. Say to God, “I’m sorry I rebel against what I know is your best for me and mine. Forgive me for being selfish and arrogant, for always wanting the last word, for always wanting my way.” “Oh, and one more thing….”

My way has some serious problems. There’s proof. But strangely, I don’t feel obligated to share all of it.

As a matter of fact, some of what I’m writing right now is a veiled attempt to “get the last word” in response to some emails and posts of yesterday. Good Grief.

So, I’ll just step away from this for a few, come back and read it later and see if it’s more
nonsense than necessary.

…….. hmm…….hmmm……oh, cookies…… hmmm...

Ok, back now.


Wayne Watson


Claire said...

What a beautiful thought: "Lord, free me from the need to always be right." Simply put, that is a battle I fight every single day. I am a teacher. I HAVE to be right about a lot of things. Sometimes I make mistakes, and I am not right. What glorious humility to admit when I am wrong, and and to ask forgiveness from others.

As for the worship debate: I have been on the worship team in a traditional Baptist church, with full orchestra. I have been lead piano in a "garage band" worship environment. I am now singing back up in a "blended worship" environment. Worship is not about the style of music, or the percentage of response of the congregation. It is about my heart in response to God. Simply put, if I am not in the presence of the Lord while leading, no one can follow me there! The greatest light show, or powerpoint show, or blues progression in the world can't replace a heart open to the word of the most High God.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of worship...I got to catch some of the live feed on sunday of you and Sara leading worship. Your voices really work well together. I like hearing you alone ...but you work great with others too. It was really nice.

Bryan said...

In the past I struggled with the worship issue as well, but as I am (hopefully) maturing in my walk with God, I am learning that the only heart in worship that I am responsible for, is mine. As long as I am not leading people Away from God, then the rest is between them and the Lord. I have come to realize, as you said so well, that every day should be a worship experience, not just the time spent with fellow believers.

Anonymous said...

Everyone doesn't worship the same way. Some people worship as they listen, others are so overwhelmed with the emotion they can't do anything but listen. Something else to try is to introduce only a few new songs interspersed with tryed and true favorites of the congregation.Sometimes there are too many new songs and the crowd doesn't feel comfortable with them yet and or developed a love for them yet. It's just a thought.

Amylisa said...

I don't often have time to leave any lengthy comments, but I am curious if other people have experienced what I have in worship....

I've found that oftentimes it seems we're under more attack from the enemy when we're leading worship. Anyone who preaches I'm sure can say the same. The one time I led worship solo, almost the entire time I had a constant (and I mean constant) thought hammering at my mind...."you're not good enough to do this, you're not good enough, you're not good enough...." It got to the point where I almost had to laugh at it, it was so overdone. Can anyone relate out there?

Worship is so precious that the devil works overtime it seems to stir the pot for those who lead it. And of course anyone in a leadership position has the added bonus of being critiqued/criticized.... ;-)

It's not an easy thing that's for sure. I don't know why I'm even sharing this right now, it might sound strange to people. And I'm not trying to give the enemy any credit.

If you're called to this it is important to be in prayer in your life, that's for sure.

End of rambling. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights Wayne. God bless and keep you! It is interesting also to read people's responses.

Anonymous said...

I've heard those same accusations. The enemy will use the same tired old tactics to try to distract and discourage God's people. Praise God that through Jesus, the enemy has no claim on our lives, and his lies are just noise (unless we choose to believe them).

Absolutely gotta stay "prayed up". My own strength is insufficient, but with the Holy Spirit's, watch out....

Anonymous said...

I really like and relate to the song you sing Called"Steal Me Away"
it talks about the ultimate quiet time alone with God give you a hug like a dad and walking and talking with him about the good and the bad. There is so much noise everywhere you go these days. Even the gas station has"breaking news" and MTV style videos to constanly occupy thinking time.

Once, I once so overwhelmed that I prayed that God could give me a hug in real life. Of course I didn't tell anyone, I just prayed it for a few weeks in my quiet time. My parents were going through a divorce and I just needed a real someone to share my feelings with cause being a leader doesn't always allow you to do that with just everyone.

I went to this Bible study and there was a new guy leading it and all of a sudden he said he had been praying for someone that God told him to pray for that was feeling overwhelmed and needed a hug from Him. I said in my mind "this is a little tv evangelist showy". Right after I thought those thoughts, he stopped his song and said that he probably sounded like a tv evangelist but the message was loud and clear from God. Again in my head I said yeah right. At the end of the worship song time he said that someone was there that he had been praying for two weeks.If they wanted to talk with him he would be waiting in a certain part of the room., Everyone else broke into small prayer partner groups.

I watched and waited but no one went up to the leader. So I finally went up to him and said I was the one that he had been praying for.I said you probably don't know why and he stopped me and said "let me pray for you now Cause God has showed me all the things you have been feeling these last coupole of weeks."

I know ..it sounds far fetched but true . The guy prayed for me and as he prayed all those walls I had built up over the years came tumbling down and a huge weight was lifted God had showed him all the things that were weighing down hard.Tears of joy and relief were falling down my cheeks when he said I just want to tell you that I have a girlfriend and mean nothing romantic by this but God wanted me to give you this...( the biggest sweetest bear hug ever)

That's how powerful prayer and worship can be and our jobs as worship leaders can be whether we are aware of the power we help to pass from the Father or not.

Friends we need to stayed prayed up and take time to be quiet and listen.

Anonymous said...

So...was that all for your diaries from the Phillipines? I so enjoyed them. Were there any last thoughts or closing words about your trip? Are you still in contact with some of the people you met? And one more probing question from the mission reporter,how is your song coming in response to your trip? You sure have become the one people are responding to lately. I guess the secret's out... wayne watson is a man after God's own heart and taking it one day at a time.