Monday, March 16, 2009

A friend invited me to join him and another at the Big 12 Basketball tournament this past weekend. At first, I thought, “Nah” but then reconsidered. I haven’t been out of town since the day in January when all the fun started at the hospital so I guess I was a little apprehensive about traveling. Close to home has been comfortable and familiar and safe.

It was a short flight to Oklahoma City on Thursday and I took a cab to the Ford Center where the men’s games were being played. Honestly, I’m not much of a March Madness kind of guy. Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate the level of passion in the fans of college basketball, and I guess if the round ballers from Louisiana Tech University were in the hunt for a berth at the NCAA Tournament, I might be a little more interested. But hey, it was a guys getaway weekend.

There was a game in progress when I arrived and we watched two more after that. I had asked Jim, before deciding to go, what it would be like. “Overeating” he replied. Not food – over indulging on college basketball.

I have to say I loved it. Out of all the games we watched, there was only one blowout and all the rest were really close. The most intense was between Oklahoma University and Oklahoma State. Of course, the place was packed with fans from both places and to say they were loud would be an understatement. It came down to the wire with the underdog OSU Cowboys going on to the next round.

The only personal tie I had to any school represented was to Baylor University. My youngest son Adam is an alum as is my wife. So the Bears were the pick. Again, I’ve not followed Baylor basketball at all, but in this setting, it was a lot of fun. By the way, Baylor won their way through the brackets to be in the finals only to be beaten by Missouri. No one, from what I hear, expected them to go that far. Baylor had to be on a real high after beating the mighty Texas Longhorns. I think everybody in the room, except for Longhorn fans, wanted Baylor to win. David and Goliath kind of thing, you know.

The one thing that makes college basketball so electric and draws so much interest from so many has to be the passion all around it. These young men play like they’re dying - like there’s no tomorrow. As much as I appreciate the skill it takes to play in the pro ranks of any sport, I’ve grown a little weary of the going-through-the-paces-now-pay-me attitude of many professional athletes. For a lot of these college players – most of whom won’t go on to play pro – these will be some of their finest moments. Few of them will work or play in venues where eighteen thousand people cheer their every move.

Another thing I couldn’t help but notice was that the fans were, for the most part, very civil toward one another. Alcohol sales were suspended during the entire event so maybe that helped everyone keep their heads. Mostly, there was good natured ribbing and posturing for school pride. Sitting beside me at one game was a husband and wife – one a grad from OU and the other a OSU alum. When OSU beat the favored OU team, the husband asked his wife how she was gonna get home. Hee Hee.

Every school had it’s pep band there to make a little noise and inspire their team with music. I know you can’t see it in this picture, but in the bottom corner of the band stand, there are three girls playing piccolo. In a room of thousands of cheering fans, a section of trumpets, trombones, a few tubas, and a drum set, these three played their piccolos as if they were center stage. Says something about teamwork to me. No, the contribution you make might not seem to make much of a difference. No, you might not even be able to hear it but take enough elements out of the whole that you can’t audibly distinguish and something is just missing. Everybody has a part to play.

And now let’s take the offering.

On Friday, Roy and I went to the Cowboy Museum and Hall of Fame. Roy’s dad was a real, working cowboy as were some other members of his family. He really wanted to see the museum so I went along. Like the tournament, I didn’t know how much I’d be interested in a cowboy museum.


I think most of us blow things off that we’re not “into” and miss a lot as a result. Being too cool for school make you feel hip and edgy? We’re all real impressed.
Get over yourself. I’m talking to you!

OK I’m talking to me, too.

Here are some pics from the museum. What’s Honest Abe doing here? Fact is, he opened the door for the development of the Western United States with some of his presidential power.

The statue, “The End of the Trail” is the original that has been reproduced so many times in much smaller scale. It stands in the entrance of the museum.

The Duke. Enough said.

There were displays of all kinds that made me feel like (and almost wish I were) a kid again. You know, when someone would ask you, “Son, what do you want to be when you grow up?” Back in the day when the first answer that popped into your head was cowboy or fireman or astronaut.

Some of the sweetest memories I have of my father were of Sunday nights at home after church. My mom and brother stayed and had choir practice before I was old enough to join, so Dad and I went home and made BBQ beef sandwiches from the lunch leftovers. Dad had a homemade sauce recipe that just killed. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Once, he and I talked about bottling it. Taking into account the ingredients, we figured it would cost about $9 a bottle – and this was in 1963!

Anyway, we’d make up a batch of chopped BBQ and sit down to watch Bonanza on TV – just me and Dad. Still a great memory of a day when I dreamed, even if for a short time, of being a cowboy. They made it look so cool. I’m sure it had it’s down side and probably wasn’t as neat and tidy as the Ponderosa looked to be. Dreams of being a cowboy quickly faded into dreams of baseball stardom then on to something else.

When do dreams stop? Is there a predetermined age when you’re not allowed to dream anymore? Of course not. Dream on. Time’s flying.



linilu12 said...

Wayne! I just wanted to tell you that I've loved your music sin the late 80's and was so glad to see you have a new recording!! I love Sing for Joy, it just moves me. I hope you can come by MD some time this year. Would love to see you sing and play live again. God bless and please continue singing!

Arlene B.

Anonymous said...

Sic'em Wayne! From a Baylor grad and a long time fan of your music. The first song I ever heard was "Friend of a Wounded Heart" - the passion by which you sang that song had a tremendous impact on this at the time middle schooler. Good to see you are still kicking it.

Anonymous said...

Wayne - Sorry about your illness. You really haven't told us what the issue was. Assume by your description that it was heart related. Also, you mention "my wife." Does this mean you are back with Lynn--or happily remarried to someone else? Your fans are dying to know and see!! -- A longtime fan who was there on the Forever Friends Cruise.

Anonymous said...

Your basketball marathon with the boys sounds like a lot of fun. I hope you are feeling back to normal.
I'm curious too about your new wife. From the insights, depth and humour you reveal about yourself in your blogs and the prayerful way you seemed to approach this new journey of your life, she has to be a special lady with a good sense of humour. We all just want to know about how God is blessing you. ( Okay...It's a girl thing to be happy for someone's wedding and to want to know details!)

Daniel J. DeLuca said...

I believe Lynn is a Louisiana Tech alumni, not a Baylor grad. I was shocked to see the word DIVORCE as a suggestion from google when I typed in Wayne Watson. His letter explains that it became impossible for them to live day to day. I guess it was the love that went beyond his human-ness that she needed that became impossible for Wayne. Wayne, you were my favorite of all time. I think I am switching over to Jeremy Camp. As a die-hard Wayne Watson fan who has gotten to know the late Harriett Rollins and met her in person at one of your concerts - I'm the former valet driver who went crazy when I saw you at the Magnolia in Dallas waiting for one of my coworkers to bring your friend's car - I wish I could have talked with you the next morning. I wish I had known this was going on. I am calling bs on the "it became impossible" remark in your divorce announcement. I was going through marital problems myself at that time. I have been disappointed by leaders around me before. My pastor was cheating on his wife with 19 women in the church and left his wife for one of them. My father has served 20 years of a 30 year prison term and his marriage of 21 years ended because of his immorality. I always admired the man who spoke of his marriage of 25 plus years, and how much he was still in love with his "girl". I loved the songs "More of You", "2 Loves", "Just Never Say it Enough", and "What are You Still Doing Here". Now I feel like it was all a lie! That it failed the test of time! That when things got tough and you felt like you were "under the radar" and no one was paying attention, that they were just songs that sounded good and helped you sell records. God has given you tremendous talent, and you have a tremendous responsibility with that talent, and you cannot cop out and say that we, your fans, should not put people such as yourself on a pedestal. Honestly, I never imagined that word "Divorce" would ever be associated with the name Wayne Watson. Of course, I could have never envisioned the garbage Ray Boltz pulled on his die-hard fans either. My point is, someone is always paying attention, when God elevates you to a point of leadership, and the damage to your testimony is so great. I have often said that I could care less about hypocrisy in the pews. Those people are where they need to be. It is the hypocrisy in the pulpit that I care most about. How do you expect people like myself, to stick our necks out, and to faithfully carry the "Good News" of Jesus Christ to Catholics, who are highly critical of our position on divorce, when our own leaders cannot keep it together?
Wayne, I love you as a fellow believer, but I can no longer consider myself a fan.

Joe from Michigan said...

It never ceases to amaze me how believers that are commanded to Love others as Christ Loved us will say or write things so unloving and judgmental, especially when they don't even know the derails of what they are talking about. It's easy for us all to form opinions about things we see ,perhaps vaguely in public . Knowing Wayne's heart as I do from his music ,I'm sure he did not enter into this except as a last resort. I've been through what I believe were similar circumstances, and know that sometimes the unseen things in life make it un-healthy, and perhaps impossible to hold the public things together. Thank for your life of seeking after God's own heart . I'll stand by you , "When it don't come easy". Joe

Alan said...

We are all tested... we ALL at times fail. For if we did not.. we would not have need for God and His Word (and music) to sustain us. After being married for 23yrs (and being alive 45yrs), I have come to a conclusion... in time people will disappoint. Musicians seem to be elevated beyond what should be. In history... we fragile humans seem to do just that... elevate that which is earthly (man) above God. In all cases it ends in disaster (crusades... Jim Jones... cults... and the like). The divorce does not invalidate the words God inspired Wayne to write/sing at the time. Does anyone think the apostles did not sin after meeting our GOD incarnate (I remind you of Peter's denial). Does Peter's denial of Christ invalidate his work/writings? I pray for Wayne and family, Lynn, myself, my family. I will also admit I am less of a fan... but that should give comfort... for I am a greater fan of Jesus. Looking forward to more music/ministry from you Wayne!

Daniel DeLuca said...

Joe, you are agreeing with Wayne Watson that some things are impossible with God. What a pity! I wonder if you might have told Nathan the prophet that he didn't know all the details in David's life. I would love to see a Psalm 51 moment from Wayne, but I'm afraid that will never happen. Alan, I agree that his actions don't invalidate his message, but they weaken it severely. What I am primarily speaking to, is the far reaching consequences of Wayne's actions. I can assure you that it has done significant damage to my personal walk with the Lord. Imagine a young person who hears Wayne tell them to flee fornication, as he did at all his concerts. This young man hears Wayne sing about how if he would wait a little longer and be a little stronger, he would cherish the love God gives him, all in good time. Really!!! Is that how it works Wayne? Last time I checked, divorce and remarriage is adultery. Divorce, I could live with, because there is hope that God could restore their marriage. You two are both missing the boat on this, and it is sad. I will be googling to see if Wayne Watson repent turns up anything substantive. I would love to see Wayne Watson act more like David, and less like King Saul.

Anonymous said...

According to Jesus, Wayne Watson is living in ADULTERY with this new woman.

“And I say unto you, whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery.”
--Jesus Christ

Barnes' Notes on the Bible:

And I say unto you - Emphasis should be laid here on the word "I." This was the opinion of Jesus - this he proclaimed to be the law of his kingdom, the command of God ever afterward.

This is the law of God; and by the same law, all marriages which take place after divorce, where fornication is not the cause of divorce, are adulterous.

Legislatures have no right to say that people may put away their wives for any other cause; and where they do, and where there is marriage afterward, by the law of God such marriages are adulterous!

People's New Testament:

“I say unto you,” we have here Christ's law of divorce.
He committeth adultery…because he is married still to his former wife, who is still his wife in spite of the divorce; so, too, if any man marries the divorced woman, he marries another man's wife.

Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible:

Causeth her to commit adultery; that is, as much as in him lies: should she commit it, he is the cause of it, by exposing her, through a rejection of her, to the sinful embraces of others; and, indeed, should she marry another man, whilst he is alive, which her divorce allows her to do, she must be guilty of adultery; since she is his proper wife, the bond of marriage not being dissolved by such a divorce: and whosoever shall marry her that is divorced, committeth adultery; because the divorced woman he marries, and takes to his bed; is legally the wife of another man; and it may be added, from Matthew 19:9 that her husband, who has put her away, upon any other account than fornication, should he marry another woman, would be guilty of the same crime.

In Matthew 5:32 "causeth her to commit adultery also", by being the occasion of marrying another man, when she is still his lawful wife.

Divorce + Remarriage = Adultery

Anonymous said...

The Bible clearly says that whenever remarriage occurs, adultery results, and that is pretty clear to every Bible reader.

In Romans 7:2 we are clearly told why the remarriage of divorced persons is adultery. It is adultery because the first marriage is still binding.

“A wife is bound to her husband as long as he lives.”

Since she is bound to him as long as he lives, all other relationships are adultery. This is easy to understand.

People talk in our day about “ending” marriages.
But that is impossible to do, you can’t do it.
It is not divorce, but death, that ends marriages. The only thing that divorce does is, make a new relationship adultery and while remarriage is legal in the eyes of the government, it is illegal to God.

As long as a former mate is living, the original marriage union is secure in God’s eyes–and that is the State of Marriage.

When one of the married partners separates from the other and joins himself to someone else, that does not free him from the state of marriage that he is in with his first wife, but instead, it enters him into a state of adultery.

Proverbs 28:13 makes it clear that God wants all of us to turn from sinful living. John the Baptist lost his head defending this principle. Mark 6:17-18 tells how John the Baptist had said that it was not lawful for Herod to have his brother’s wife after a divorce.

Herodias, was legally divorced by Roman law, and newly married to Herod Antipas, but John still said to Herod, “It is not lawful for you to have her.” after they were remarried.

Don’t go shopping around for someone to justify what Jesus Christ clearly and repeatedly condemned.

God has not changed His law to allow a man who has stolen another man’s wife to keep her. Nor has He changed His law to allow a woman who has seduced a husband away from his wife and children to keep someone else’s husband. Nor will He join two people in a God condemned wedding ceremony.

“I require and charge you both, as you will answer at the dreadful day of judgment when the secrets of all hearts shall be disclosed, that if either of you know any impediment, why you may not be lawfully joined together in Holy Matrimony, you do now confess it. For be you well assured, that if any persons are joined together other then what God allows--are not joined together by God--neither is their marriage lawful.”
--The Book of Common Prayer

It is important to notice that neither the Gospel of Mark, nor the Gospel of John recognized Herod’s second marriage as valid. In Mark 6:17 it describes the woman as “his brother Philip’s wife,” after a divorce. He called her Phillip’s wife after she was divorced and remarried. That is whose wife she was, even though Herod had married her. The divorce did not end the marriage. She did not become Herod’s wife upon remarriage. Herod was living with her in adultery; she was still Philip’s wife.

God does not recognize the second marriage because the first marriage is binding until death. That is an eternal principle settled in the eternal counsels of God.

From God’s point of view, all first marriages are binding, and can be broken only by death. Divorce does not dissolve the “bond” of marriage. If it did, there would be no adultery in a remarriage.

The Bible condemns remarriage after a divorce.

Every faithful disciple of Christ needs to speak God’s truth about marriage and show people, according to Scripture, that they are bound to their first spouse as long as they live.

Check out

We must help people see the truth.

Adulterers… will not inherit the Kingdom of God. 1 Corinthians 6:9

Adultery is identified in every passage where the remarriage of divorced persons is mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Wayne, I always loved your old stuff like "Love Found a Way", "New Lives for Old" and your ORIGINAL "Touch of The Master's Hand". They played the best stuff on KGOL in Houston in the mid 80's. We've all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, but I too was disappointed when I heard that you divorced. One time, there was a couple that was at an altar praying, and a preacher went up to them after they finished praying, and he said "Y'all are thinking about getting a divorce aren't you"? They said yes, but they had only talked about that the night before. He asked the man "Are you a Christian"?, and he said yes. He asked the woman "Are you a Christian"?, and she said yes. The preacher said "Well, that's tough!" In other words, the preacher was saying "too bad". He then said "If you'd pray for God to give you a love for each other as lovers again then He will". They did, and that preacher saw them years later, and they were still together. What's the deal with SO many CHRISTIAN singers getting a divorce. I think they get famous, and they start to earn a lot of money, and they start to get swollen heads, and the male Christians divorce their wives and get a "younger" newer model. What's up with that? Again Wayne, I always enjoyed your early music, but when it comes to your first wife, obviously Love didn't Find A Way. When I hear of Christians divorcing, the world laughs at us, and they probably think "Well, I guess Christ didn't work for you" My pastor and his wife lost an 18 month old child, and they had great difficulties after their great loss, and that was about 20 years ago, but they stayed together, and they love each other very much. I think it also had to do with the fact that your music started getting so worldly. Your lyrics I'd rather walk in the dark with Jesus than walk in the light of my own. We have no light inside us without Christ, and there is no darkness with Christ because He's the Light of Life. I know worldly because I was so VERY IN the world. There was little I didn't do in the world. Best Wishes Wayne. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

It makes me feel so good to know that there are so many perfect Christians out there to keep the imperfect Christians like Wayne & myself in line. I mean we are just flaued humans unlike the rest of you. Thank You for putting Wayne's life under a microscope & judging him for his personal decisions we know nothing about. It makes me feel better about my own decisions.

Anonymous said...

Wayne, I'm not sure if you monitor this blog, especially with the vile comments coming from so-called Christians. I know you from your BR days at FBC and LSU BSU events and although I have moved away from you theologically, my heart goes out to you. The tripe that is written above is why I don't take the Bible literally but do takes the message of Jesus seriously that we should love one another.

Anonymous said...

WOW.....I cant believe the awful things people say or the judgements they make when they dont know anything of Wayne's personal life. If you are Christian...a REAL CHRISTIAN.......then love the Lord your God with all your heart, and love your brother as yourself..........and leave the rest to GOD. It is as simple as that. All judgements are reserved for God..and always remember to take the log out of your own eye before pointing out the speck in your brother's eye.

Anonymous said...

My husband believes the judge’s signature on some state papers called a divorce certificate dissolved our marriage.

I believe what God says about our marriage “A wife is married to her husband as long as he lives.” 1 Corinthians 7:39

Since my husband still lives- I am still married to him according to God.

If either of us remarries God says we will be committing adultery against each other.

“Anyone who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery, and the man who marries a divorced woman commits adultery.” Luke 16:18

How can we commit adultery against each other after a divorce, if the divorce made us single?

It’s because, God says, a wife is married to her husband as long as he lives, that’s how!

God overrules the earthly judge.

Why do churches today call divorced people single???

I am divorced and I know I am not single because if I enter a new marriage with another man, Jesus says I will be committing adultery against my husband. The judge said I no longer have a husband. The judge said he dissolved my marriage. Who should I believe, the judge or Jesus?

Since Jesus will charge me with adultery for being with another man after my divorce, I know for sure my divorce did not make me single. Jesus still sees me married to my husband.

My husband thinks he is no longer my husband but Jesus says I will be committing adultery against him after he divorced me. The only way I can commit adultery against him is if he is still my husband.

I am NOT single. Notice the first time you get married you are not charged with adultery but the second time you marry you are charged with adultery. You were single the first time you married but you are not single the second time you marry, in God’s opinion, unless your spouse has died.

The church needs to warn people—divorce will not end your marriage in God’s eyes.

I am not single-1 Corinthians 7:39

I am not single-Luke 16:18

I am not single-Romans 7:2-3

“Let me illustrate. When a woman marries, the law binds her to her husband as long as he is alive. But if he dies, the laws of marriage no longer apply to her. So while her husband is alive, she would be committing adultery if she married another man. But if her husband dies, she is free from that law and does not commit adultery when she remarries.” Romans 7:2-3

In other words she would be committing adultery if she marries another man because God’s law binds her to her husband as long as he lives!

To anyone who marries my husband who divorced me…Jesus said you will be committing adultery with my husband after you go through a ceremony with him.

You’ll say that after your remarriage ceremony my husband will become your husband but according to Jesus after your ceremony you will be committing adultery with my husband.

How can you claim that he will become your lawful husband in the eyes of God?

If he is your husband-why is Jesus saying you are committing adultery with him AFTER YOU "MARRY" HIM?

Christians need to open their eyes and see things the way God sees them!

Many, many, people are deceived about marriage, divorce and remarriage.

mouse771 said...

Wow...people really ? ...we dont know what happened in wayne n lynn's life....all i know is that the Lord has used wayne to touch me for many many years ....thank you Wayne for your songs....they touched me deeply....i have shared your songs with many friends....keep doing the Lords work n writing n singing are awesome....thank you....

Anonymous said...

You "Christians" need to keep your comments to yourself!!! You have no idea what Wayne and Lynn were going thru and quite frankly, it is none of your business! I don't believe God would approve of you judging another, so stay out of it. If you can't say something nice than don't say anything at all. Wayne has an awesome voice and an awesome talent given him by God, let him do the best with this God given talent by allowing him to devote his time on his music not wasting it reading your more holier than thou attitude.

rick from richmond said...

Okay I have to say, I was grieved when I heard of Wayne's divorce and I thought of his song "what are you still doing here. His music is God inspired. My grief was what I would feel if a close friend if mine failed I his walk with the Lord. And while I agree that Jesus called divorce and remarriage adultery. It is not our place to judge him for that mistake. It is the place of those who have spiritual authority in his life who can speak into his life about his walk with God. And For the record God forgives all sin...even adultery!

rick from richmond said...

let he who is without sin cast the first stone! Jesus

Katie Novack said...

Divorceandremarriagecults.blogspot. Jesus didn't give a new command and love covers a multitude of sins. It's one thing to disagree with a remarriage it is insanely contradictory to the whole of God's word to say a person is living in adultery.

Katie Novack said...

You follow a cultist doctrine that really divides the word of God. Remarried people are not living in adultery. Divorceandremarriagecults.blogspot

Eric Bruner said...

Wayne, over the years your songs have had a profound impact on my life, more than any other musician I have ever listened to.

I was introduced to you through my first voice teacher, Mark White, back in the 80's in Michigan. He first felt the same way about your heart and music and he passed that love for your voice, lyrics and music on to me.

Thank you, Wayne. I am in Houston now, a voice teacher myself. Your songs still move me deeply, even though I have listened to many of them scores of times.

As far as your family situation (which I only mention because so many folks in this blog have felt compelled to comment on it), I was sorry to hear it. I know the deep pain surrounding such a situation, and being devastated by it. I'm not sure what these folks are asking of you now, but we must all daily move forward in God's grace. I pray for such grace in my own life, and I pray for His grace in yours.

I hope to meet you someday, and thank you personally for all your heart has meant to me.

Daniel J DeLuca said...

I am surprised to see how many people defending Wayne's actions criticize those who are calling divorce and remarriage a sin, as if they are unloving, or even implying that they are not real Christians. Wayne has said many times that he gets his greatest joy from hearing about lives changed. Indeed his ministry has done just that, and I praise God for that, but I grieve that Satan had victory in his marriage, and that he chose to remarry. I grieve for the damage that his actions have done to his ministry, and don't kid yourselves about this; it has affected lives and ruined the message he preached for years. For years he spoke of how God worked in his marriage to keep him married to the same woman for 31 years, raising two godly young men. Unfortunately, his actions have caused bitterness and strife amongst followers of Christ, although one could easily argue that the poster who does not take the Bible seriously, is not a real Christian. Let me make this clear: declaring that what the Bible states is sin to be so, is not unloving, and Wayne himself would agree with me on that. Pointing out the contradictions between the message of his music, and his actions, is not unloving either. As one who has had a somewhat difficult time getting over Wayne's music, I can honestly say that I would still listen to his music, if he had not remarried, or if his wife had left him and remarried, against his wishes. I see no evidence of that, and I have searched for it. I still google to see if their is any evidence that he has repented, because I really want to get back to enjoying the music that has blessed me over the years. I have spent hours learning how to play some of his songs on the piano and the guitar, but I no longer attempt to learn them. I cannot do so in good conscience. I have met Wayne a few times after his concerts, and he has always been a genuinely nice guy, but I have not been to any of his concerts recently on account of his actions. I ran into him one time while parking his friend's car at a hotel in Dallas, where I worked the evening shift as a valet driver. It was a momentous occasion for me, and I wish I had had an opportunity to talk with him the next morning, because it was about this time that he was about to get divorced. I would have told him that he cannot do this, and that it would cause great damage to his ministry. My heart grieves much like Samuel grieved over Saul, before God told him to anoint David. The difference here though is the fact that he can still repent. I am not saying that I am perfect myself, or that I do not have a log in my own eye, but I also do not have the platform Wayne has had, with the tremendous talent that God has given him. I would love nothing more than to see complete restoration for Wayne. I will always hold onto this hope for him.

Anonymous said...

Maybe his wife wanted the divorce. You have no choice if someone wants to divorce you. A divorce is granted. Maybe he has kept quiet to protect her from all the sinful judgement he is receiving.

Anonymous said...

Just a short note to offer. First, I have been exceedingly blessed by the music of WW. Also, it is my thought that the music sung can only reflect the deep part of a heart, etc. of one. And I am personally thankful for the heart and for the music. And - God only (God alone) knows a heart, all of the details and intimate matters... and its not for the ignorance of many {"brothers") to pass judgement or accuse or condemn what they really know nothing of. Christ did not cover only a few matters, but all matters - and ALL/EACH of us (everyone)needs His work [period]. At any rate - I am not judging at all (who hasn't suffered something horrible and needed the Lord most tremendously in this matter or that), but here - I am only terribly sorry for the condemning and accusing and often times well-meaning but ignorant comments of some... Instead we should pray for (in love and in care) and give grace [period]. Thank you.

Daniel DeLuca said...

I would like to believe it was Lynn who left Wayne, and if that is the case, I take back everything I said. I have also researched polygamy and while it doesn't change my thinking about divorce and remarriage, if Wayne initiated it, it presents a different perspective than what I saw when I first heard about this. Legally, Wayne marrying another woman, closed the door on him reconciling with Lynn, because of the laws against bigamy. However, I would see nothing wrong with Wayne, Lynn, and Megan applying for a waiver to the state of Texas bigamy laws, if they chose to do so, and I believe that if Lynn is still unmarried, they should.

Polygamy is a solution that often gets overlooked, and in Christian circles, unfortunately, only one side of the debate is ever heard, and in the process, Scripture gets misused and abused. It is clearly Biblical, but people get emotionally upset whenever you bring it up. I would love nothing more than to see the restoration of that marriage. What an awesome testimony it would be, to show the world how a husband should never leave nor forsake his wife!

G. Casey said...

Sadly too many neglect a deeper study in respects of what Jesus meant.....put away and a writ of divorce are two separate matters.

Daniel DeLuca said...

There are parts of that article that I agree with, and parts that I disagree with. I completely disagree with the notion that dating is the cause of marital failure. That is a "False Cause" Fallacy aka Post Hoc. I completely agree that a remarried couple ought not divorce in order that a spouse might return to her husband. I disagree with the reinterpretation of Matt 5:32 to say that it is only adultery to marry a woman who is not legally divorced. Moses allowed adultery in the instance that the husband no longer desired his wife, and Jesus specified that the uncleanness that Moses spoke of, was specifically fornication. A man CANNOT cause his wife to commit adultery, if she has already committed adultery by an act of uncleanness. The other thing about that article, id that it fails to recognize that there is a gender specific regulation in the verses Paul wrote about being loosed from a wife. Paul NEVER said that a woman who remarries has not sinned. In fact, that article completely ignores what Paul said in verses 10 and 11, where he states that this is a command from the Lord, that a divorced woman should either remain single, or else be reconciled to her husband. This article dismisses Rom 7:2 as if it is acceptable for the divorced woman to remarry, as long as she has obtained a divorce. NOTHING could be further from the truth! That verse clearly states that while he is alive, if she marries another man, she is an adulteress. There is NO getting around that!

I reiterate what I said earlier. Wayne Watson did not sin at all, if he did not initiate the divorce. He only caused his wife to commit adultery, if he initiated it. He did not sin in marrying a second woman, as having two wives is never considered adultery. If Lynn violated the command from the Lord, and married another man, she is an adulteress. I hope this is not the case. I hope she and Wayne will get back together. There is no need whatsoever for Wayne to divorce his current wife, in order to obey God, and take his first wife back. Sadly, what so many people neglect, when it comes to a deeper study, is the gender specific requirements in marriage. Sadly, to many people who name the name of Christ, pervert gender specific passages on this topic, into gender neutral ones.