Wednesday, February 4, 2009

OK, I know it’s been a long, long time since I’ve communicated through the site to you all and for that, I apologize.

Christmas came and blew by like a storm front, didn’t it. Where did it go?

Before we knew it, the new year was off and running.

On January 14, I went down hard, took an ambulance ride to the hospital with full lights and audio.

I was in a complete fog – and pain like I'd never ever experienced before. But I was conscious enough to see, and be very disappointed in the fact, that there was no team of young, energetic, skillful surgeons waiting as the ambulance pulled up to the door. Guess I’ve watched too much Grey’s Anatomy or ER ‘cause I really expected there to be a group all scrubbed up, decked out, assembled and ready to jump into my case. Instead the EMTs rolled me up to the desk like we were waiting to check into a hotel.

I spent more than a few hours in the ER. People coming and going, taking things from me, giving their educated guesses as to what the heck was causing all this pain. Whatever they gave me, finally, dialed down the hurt to manageable.

The doctor in charge of the ER said they were going to admit me. Whatever. Do something.

Hours passed, and the next morning, I found myself in prep for surgery. A tiny little curtained off section and a gurney surrounded by a couple of nurses, the doc (trying to explain what was about to happen), my dear friend John Barksdale, and my wife.

The only thing I remember was a beautiful prayer then a short ride to the operating room. Again, where were the cool lights and shadows like the OR on TV?? This place was lit up like a football field. White, bright everywhere. Thinking it over, I guess you do want them to be able to see EVERYTHING! I mean, EVERYTHING, RIGHT?

There was no “Count backwards starting with ten” or any of that stuff. Just a swift “goodnight.” Out.

I was in the hospital for a while and it took a few days before they said I was in the clear.

Again, I have no point of reference for all of this. Never really been sick that much and certainly not many hospital stays.

It makes you think. Not like missing a flight makes you think. This made me think.

And thankful doesn’t even begin to say it.

I do have to say, though, that whatever my doctor and his team earns for their skill, for all the years of training and education, all the sleepless nights while interning - they’re worth every penny and more. It was a great comfort to me to know that my surgeon is a Christian and leans on the Father to guide his mind and hands. It’s not often that you get to thank someone for literally saving your life. This was the first time for me.

So all that to say, I’ll be fine. Actually, better than fine.

I am anxious to get back to leading worship at Chapelwood UMC here in Houston on February 21st and will be all over the tour dates that are being scheduled right now.

I’ll be certain to take God’s mercy and grace more to heart than ever before. There is still a lot to do. There are new songs to sing. New experiences of God’s goodness everyday. And I’m thankful to be in a place to see Him work.

Thanks so much for your continued prayers, support and kind, encouraging words. I’ll be more in touch in the days ahead.



Todd said...

Wasn't the Arnold Palmer?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're okay ...what a surreal event it must have been. No one ever thinks things like that will happen to them but how blessed we are to have God to lean on and give us strength. I can't imagine a journey like that without Him.

Can I just tell you that I'm just lifted up by your version of Glorify Your Name. Wow you hit that one out of the park for me today. I heard it on your My Space and had to listen a few more times . I had my own worship moment ...right to the heart.Thanks.Linda

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you are alright! Your music has ministered to me often over the years. I was listening to the Way Home today and just felt more at peace with God and myself thanks to the wisdom in the lyrics. I also love the humor you sometimes inject. Thank you for all you have given over the years. May God bless you with His grace and peace. Beatrice

Rachel said...

I hope you have recovered and are feeling good. I thought about you last week; we are taking our daughter to Disney World this summer.