Wednesday, May 7, 2008


So by now, does everyone in the civilized world know about itunes?

It's changed the way people purchase and listen to music. So, if I might speak for those of us making some of the music, I'm thankful for new methods of getting the music and the Word out.

At first, going back a few years, I was concerned and a little fearful that things were changing so fast. It was tempting to throw up the white flag and surrender to the new army. But not so fast, you.

I get emails every day from recording industry pros spouting off about the new music industry, artists' vanity, entitlement issues, the lack of great music in general and the lack of hard work. But the door is wide open - almost anyone can walk through it. Sure, the crowd through the door is huge, but I know some prodigy will eventually walk through with all the rest and his/her art will rise to the top. With so much junk out there, and with the standards falling to record lows, most people still recognize quality. It's more obvious than ever.

And that's what I aspire to. To present to my Creator an offering that is the very best I can give. I hope more and more people are introduced to the Saviour because of the new technology that transports the Word.

So, sign on and give a listen and tell your friends. You can search under

Wayne Watson Even This

Email your personal list and encourage them to listen to the new stuff.

And thank you!



Debbie Downer said...

Right on Wayne! God IS raising up an awesome army in this generation to proclaim His heart to the nations. His voice WILL be heard! Here in little ole' Chico there is incredible worship/praise being offered up by our gifted young people and it will not be stopped! On YouTube I just watched the video "Wake Me Up" by Number One Gun (who are from Chico and are believers), by the way my son Ryan Downer produced the entire video (I'm so proud of him!). God is using every avenue to get the message of His love and hope to all peoples. Praise and Glory be unto the Lamb! Yes and Amen!

aahrens said...

To one of my all-time favorite singer/songwriters I say a big "AMEN!" With so many musical choices available it does get overwhelming. Technology permits so much more production - much of it low in quality, as you say.

I've been listening to you CD "A Beautiful Place" a lot lately and want to say how I appreciate the message of those songs. I find that no matter where I am in my life and walk with the Lord, I can find one of your songs to speak to me. Yours is a precious gift - I'm glad your continuing to use it to bless the kingdom.


Hubert llewellyn said...

hey, wayne it's hubert Llewellyn, i use to be on the worship team in anchorage ,alaska @ faith baptist!!!
i meet you in 1986 at the estes park totally changed my direction in life.

I recently am on the worship team now @ lifepoint church in vancouver,washington.. Wayne you gotta get out here and see gods country!! i recently saw and caught up with sandi patti.her relitives live here!! and boy it brings back memories.. any way wayne the new album is fantastic and i still say " it's the touch of the master's hand" your music touches were god directs....
keep in touch wayne, come out here and will play golf!! also will have you in concert!!

god bless, psalms 103:1-5