Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Busy Week

Just a few words to catch up…

Last Tuesday, I did a simple little promotional video at a local studio here in Houston. It was set up to advertise a cruise I’m a part of in June of this year.

The hosts were a very nice couple by the name of Gil and Mary Ann Markarian. They showed up to do the interview segment of the promo and we felt very comfortable together right off the bat. That always makes things easier.

After we were done, I taped a couple of songs from the new project for them to use along with the interview. I sang “Sing for Joy” and “When You See Jesus.”

So, we wrapped it up and they told me they were hosting a half hour show on the local Daystar Network here in Houston, and then asked if I would come to be on the show with them on Friday.

I was planning on leaving early Friday to be in Dallas for a meeting that evening but pushed everything back a few hours and did the show.

Daystar is a huge Christian network and growing all the time.

Thursday night, I was at Lakewood Church here in Houston. You know, uh, the biggest church in the country! Well, before you get all excited, I was there to play for a group of about 400. They were a group called The Gathering of Church Bookstores – as in Christian bookstores located inside churches.

I was honored to play for this group. They are the fastest growing segment in the world of retailers of ministry products, books, music, etc. One church north of here just set up a ten thousand square foot store in their church to meet the needs of their congregation and their community.

Along with the retailers were forty authors representing their newest publications. It was a cool assortment of folks.

I gave them all a copy of “Even This” and played for a half an hour from the new project. Afterwards, so many of them came by for autographs and expressed their excitement and interest in hosting a concert at their respective churches. They were a great audience – laughing, crying, holding their collective breath at the right times. I was moved by their response.

So that was Thursday. And after the TV show on Friday I drove on up to Dallas.

Saturday morning I played a private event for a friend.

Sunday Morning, I sang in the worship service at the First Baptist Church in Carrollton, TX. Great church! Alive! Fresh!

That night, I played an hour concert. I love playing and singing this new music. It seems to touch people with its frankness and simple, direct message. Of course with the new material, I’ll always throw in a couple of oldies like “Friend of a Wounded Heart” “Almighty” and that night, did an encore of “The Touch of the Master’s Hand”. Man, how many thousands of times I’ve sung that! I still like doing it.

After the concert, my favorite moment was when a group of teenagers came up and told me how much they enjoyed the evening. I was overwhelmed by the expressions of some new, young and unexpected fans. Some of their parents had been listening since they were kids. What can you do?

Anyway, all this to say, it was a great, busy week. Things are starting to get rolling and the new project is gaining momentum. Next, we’re beginning to work on the radio promotion for the first two singles from “Even This.”

I hope to have the finishing touches on “Turning Into Dad” – the book I’ve been working on for the past 8 years about my father. You’ll see it on waynewatson.com as soon as it’s ready – hopefully just in time for Father’s Day ’08.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support.



John Ng said...

After all these years of hating to do cruises, you have finally succumbed to the calling. Hope all is well and while it's been a while since we've chatted in that small PA town in October, 2006. You are still loved and blessed. I hope and pray that our paths will cross again.

John Ng

Ann said...

I am so glad you are having the favor of God on your life. I love reading about it all. You have a great way with words to express happenings as well as feelings, so I am very sure your book will be well recieved. I am interested in it b/c of the subject...dads have such an impact on their families, but don't often realize it until later. I am so glad my dad came to realize it. His family brought us Texas heritage by birth, such as Brown County named for the family of his grandparents, and them owning a million acres where Midland and Odessa sits. He's well known in the collegiate athletic circles, and has 3 Hall of Fame titles, plus NAIA wins for teams coached. But his greatest gift was when he chose to make his adult kids important to his life. That meant everything.

I teach PE in a low income school district in Fort Worth that houses some of the greatest children. They are grateful for wonderful things like love and smiles, and have such hopes and dreams. They enjoy the games and are great to teach. A Bible Study is taught in the gym on Wednesdays, and many of them go. They love it, and that makes me very happy.

Did you ever locate our favorite horn blower's place of residence?

I pray that God continues to increase you in Him as you go deeper with Him. May you never run out of hunger and thirst for the deep things of God, so you can give that away in your life and your songs.


Ronnie Pace said...

From the very first time I heard you sing at an old corral in Ruston, LA '83, I've been touched by your genuiness, your honesty of life and and how God reveals Himself in so many ways. I have memories of how Dr. Ferrington used to laugh everytime I'd mention how much I enjoyed listening to your songs while in choir at La Tech...but some of the most memorable songs like "Touch.." and the "old man" song, and "Would I know you" made me grow enough to realize how important songs like Watercolour Ponies would be later on...especially to my sons. Thank you Wayne and may God store His richest blessings on you and your family! In his Grip, Ronnie Pace.