Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Your call will be answered in . . .

I’ve been waiting on the internet service to be restored at my place for two days now. Haven’t been able to get on line and for the last week, even when I got on, it was slow and very frustrating.

After the frustration, it occurs to me how dependent on this thing I’ve become. And that, too, is annoying.

I watched a movie the other night from the seventies. They didn’t have cell phones or internet or blackberrys or iphones. When they wanted to contact someone, they went to a payphone – a payphone and called a landline. I don’t even have a landline anymore.

Are there payphones anymore? I remember getting to the airport in years past, making calls from the payphone and immediately upon arriving at my destination, stopping at the nearest payphone and checking in with home and office. I can’t remember the last time I even saw a payphone. (In case you’re counting, I’ve mentioned payphones 6 – no seven times in the last two paragraphs.)

So now I’m waiting for the service guy to get here. I made the appointment and got one of those prime spots on their book – you know, the “between eight and one” slot. As Napolean Dynamite would say “Sweet.”

So instead of spending a few hours on the computer this morning answering emails, communicating with business associates, following up on previous days communications, responding to mail from and letters from the faithful, I’ve been reading, thinking and praying.

This sounds like a broken record (records? Payphones?) from me but gratitude has become my launching pad from planet funk. The moons around the planet funk are self pity, woe is me, I think I’m gonna go eat worms. There are frequent asteroids that have their own names – I won’t bore you.

But the stars of God’s heaven outshine all the dim stars of my personal galaxy. In the light of His creation, the reminder of His vast reach and His warm embrace of the universe calms me. The assurance that His eye does not stray and that I am on His mind slows the rapid beat of my fickled heart. How He manages this, I don’t know. But my faith kicks in and I’m more and more confident of His love.

With gasoline in Houston knocking around $3.75 a gallon, I’m directed to keep filling my tanks with gratitude.

Thank you.

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Ann said...

My name is Ann. We visited for a moment at Seeker's in Hurst on Good Friday, speaking about grown kids and the circumstances that deepen our faith. I hope the concert went well in Carrollton. (We were members there at 1st Baptist for four years in the mid-eighties.) I can't imagine it was anything but honoring. I say that b/c I had come to the singing presentation at Seeker's to worship and be in God's presence on Friday, and He was definitely there. Being hungry & thirsty for more of God (Isa.55) and going deeper in Him is the only way to have real Life. Your work allows Him to reach out and touch people. I know I am not telling you anything new. Thank you for being faithful. Faithful. A favorite word.

One item that I thought you would think was funny, since you like good home cooked food. Saturday night I had the rare pleasure of watching Dr. Charles Stanley. I was making chili tonight at the stove thinking about his comments on seeds having to die before they can produce a plant. Comparing that to a verse I'd been thinking about alot in John 15:16, about being appointed to bear fruit and having it remain, I remembered this. Have you ever raised a garden? Home grown fruit and vegetables are so good! But it takes time and work. A bunch of us had been eating watermelon on the porch and spitting seeds, kinda southern style. When plants came up in the spring, I just KNEW they were watermelon. Carefully transplanting them, they grew into beautiful orange flowers instead of pink ones. I had myself a pumpkin harvest, from the pumpkin that had broken on the porch in the fall! The plants took over the garden and there were so many pumpkins! What a joke on me.

I am praying for your mom. I sure understand. My mom almost died on Feb. 9th of this year, losing 3 1/2 units of blood. She is stronger, but not strong. I was sorry to read about having to make hard decisions. There are few words when it comes to matters of love like this.

I appreciated your heart-felt comment about a mutually loved brother name Phil, and wanting to visit him. My 22 year old son (second born) did something and will be going to the same type of place. I am at the county place every Saturday, and will be travelling to the federal place within the year. Never having been in that type of facility until last year, and not raised like that, I am astounded at the pain and trouble that abides with the people that I see during visits. There is much to pray for.

Thank you again for all your songs over the years. I sing with them all. Sometimes people look at me funny from their car into mine...I love singing to Jesus. But my favorite thing to do is dance. It is also called worshipful movement or sacred dance. But I have to say God meets with me in that format, and He is faithful in His callings. My first performance was as a Senior in high school to the PTA, doing The Lord's Prayer. With no Christian book store to run get the latest music (1971), the history teacher was going to read it. But he read too fast. Finally the Young Life leaders got a hold of the old beautiful song, and it worked. Since then it has been a wonderful journey working with other people in all kinds of productions or simply free worship. Drawing closer to God's spirit in singing and the worshipful dance is what has helped me be found in Him during this new season of life.

Please know that I am also praying for your son. That the Light will shine on the "black & white", and the desired healing will come. I LOVE your word "yet" that you spoke to me about my son. Thank you for the encouragement.

Be blessed. Ann